Toshiba Portage Z30-A-1EI Portege Z30 Portege Z30 Ultrabook Portege Z30-002 Portege Z30-00N004 Portege Z30-00Q Laptop and Notebook Replacement Battery

Part # CS-TOZ300NB
Usually Ships in 4 - 7 Business Days
  • This is a replacement compatible with a Toshiba Laptop and Notebook Battery
  • Volts: 14.8V (14.8 Volts)
  • Capacity: 3350mAh (3.35Ah)
  • Type: Li-Polymer
  • Color: Black
  • Toshiba Portage Z30-A-1EI Portege Z30 Portege Z30 Ultrabook Portege Z30-002 Portege Z30-00N004 Portege Z30-00Q005 Portege Z30-A 18J Portege Z30-A Y0433 Portege Z30-A-002 Portege Z30-A-00N007 Portege Z30-A-00U004 Portege Z30-A-010 Portege Z30-A0437 Portege Z30-A100 Portege Z30-A-104 Portege Z30-A-10G Portege Z30-A-10J Portege Z30-A-10P Portege Z30-A-10W Portege Z30-A-10Z Portege Z30-A-115 Portege Z30-A1162 Portege Z30-A1168 Portege Z30-A-11G Portege Z30-A121 Portege Z30-A1237 Portege Z30-A-127 Portege Z30-A-12N Portege Z30-A-12P Portege Z30-A-12Q Portege Z30-A-12R Portege Z30-A-12T Portege Z30-A-12U Portege Z30-A-12Z Portege Z30-A1301 Portege Z30-A1310 Portege Z30-A-132 Portege Z30-A-133 Portege Z30-A-13X Portege Z30-A-17D Portege Z30-A-189 Portege Z30-A-18J Portege Z30-A-19L Portege Z30-A-1CT Portege Z30-A-1D4 Portege Z30-A-1D6 Portege Z30-A-1FC Portege Z30-A-1FD Portege Z30-A-1G6 Portege Z30-A-1GX Portege Z30-ABT1300 Portege Z30-AK01S Portege Z30-AK22S Portege Z30-A-M5S Portege Z30-AX0433B Portege Z30-B Portege Z30-B K02M Portege Z30-B S01M Portege Z30-B-00W Portege Z30-B-00X Portege Z30-B-018 Portege Z30-B-018 Bundle Portege Z30-B-106 Portege Z30-B-107 Portege Z30-B-109 Portege Z30-B-10D Portege Z30-B-10E Portege Z30-B-10G Portege Z30-B-10K Portege Z30-B-10Q Portege Z30-B-10R Portege Z30-B-10V Portege Z30-B-111 Portege Z30-B-113 Portege Z30-B-116 Portege Z30-B-118 Portege Z30-B-119 Portege Z30-B-11C Portege Z30-B-11G Portege Z30-B-11J Portege Z30-B-11K Portege Z30-B-11N Portege Z30-B-11R Portege Z30-B-11T Portege Z30-B-11V Portege Z30-B-11X Portege Z30-B-121 Portege Z30-B-128 Portege Z30-B-12C Portege Z30-B-12D Portege Z30-B-12E Portege Z30-B-12G Portege Z30-B-12J Portege Z30-B-12K Portege Z30-B-12Q Portege Z30-B-12X Portege Z30-B-130 Portege Z30-B1320 Portege Z30-B-133 Portege Z30-B-13P Portege Z30-B-13V Portege Z30-B-13X Portege Z30-B-140 Portege Z30-B-142 Portege Z30-B-14C Portege Z30-B-14E Portege Z30-B-14F Portege Z30-B-14P Portege Z30-B-14U Portege Z30-B-14X Portege Z30-B-154 Portege Z30-B-159 Portege Z30-B-15H Portege Z30-B-15J Portege Z30-B-15T Portege Z30-B-16H Portege Z30-B-16K Portege Z30-B-16M Portege Z30-B-740 Portege Z30-B-743 Portege Z30-BBT1300 Portege Z30-BSMBN22 Portege Z30-BST3NX4 Portege Z30-C Portege Z30-C-10J Portege Z30-C-10Q Portege Z30-C-10V Portege Z30-C-10W Portege Z30-C-122 Portege Z30-C-125 Portege Z30-C-12G Portege Z30-C-12H Portege Z30-C-12K Portege Z30-C-12Q Portege Z30-C-12U Portege Z30-C-12Z Portege Z30-C-134 Portege Z30-C-135 Portege Z30-C-138 Portege Z30-C-13E Portege Z30-C-13H Portege Z30-C-13U Portege Z30-C-143 Portege Z30-C-147 Portege Z30-C-149 Portege Z30-C-14J Portege Z30-C-14X Portege Z30-C-152 Portege Z30-C-153 Portege Z30-C-154 Portege Z30-C-155 Portege Z30-C-157 Portege Z30-C-15D Portege Z30-C-15N Portege Z30-C-15Q Portege Z30-C-15Z Portege Z30-C-164 Portege Z30-C-16C Portege Z30-C-16K Portege Z30-C-16M Portege Z30-C-17G Portege Z30-C-190 Portege Z30-C-1C2 Portege Z30-C-1EK Portege Z30-C-1EL Portege Z30-C-1EM Portege Z30-C-1EN Portege Z30T-A-107 Portege Z30T-A-108 Portege Z30T-A-10E Portege Z30T-A-10L Portege Z30T-A-10Q Portege Z30T-A-10X Portege Z30T-A-112 Portege Z30T-A-11C Portege Z30T-A-11H Portege Z30T-A-11P Portege Z30T-A-11R Portege Z30T-A-11U Portege Z30T-A-11W Portege Z30T-A-121 Portege Z30T-A-125 Portege Z30T-A-12E Portege Z30T-A-12J Portege Z30T-A-12U Portege Z30T-A-12Z Portege Z30T-A-137 Portege Z30T-A-13D Portege Z30T-B Portege Z30T-B-104 Portege Z30T-B-108 Portege Z30T-B-10C Portege Z30T-B-10E Portege Z30T-B-10H Portege Z30T-B-10K Portege Z30T-B-10L Portege Z30T-B-10N Portege Z30T-B-10U Portege Z30T-B-10X Portege Z30T-B-114 Portege Z30T-B-11L Portege Z30T-B-11M Portege Z30T-B-11R Portege Z30T-B-11V Portege Z30T-C-105 Portege Z30T-C-10X Portege Z30T-C-110 Portege Z30T-C-119 Portege Z30T-C-11C Portege Z30T-C-11E Portege Z30T-C-11R Portege Z30T-C-121 Portege Z30T-C-124 Portege Z30T-C-127 Portege Z30T-C-12P Portege Z30T-C-12U Portege Z30T-C-136 PT241A-013001 PT241A-029001 PT241C-002002 PT241U-02H014 PT241U-05S005 PT243A-02E02X Satellite Z30-A-104 Satellite Z30-A-12Z Satellite Z30-A-130 Satellite Z30-A1301 Satellite Z30-A-132 Satellite Z30-A-133 Satellite Z30-A-142 Satellite Z30-A-164 Satellite Z30-A-16E Satellite Z30-A-16Q Satellite Z30-A-177 Satellite Z30-A-1CX Satellite Z30-A-1CZ Satellite Z30-A-1D2 Satellite Z30-A-1DG Satellite Z30-A-1DJ Satellite Z30-A-1E8 Satellite Z30-A-1E9 Satellite Z30-A-1J1 Satellite Z30-B-100 Satellite Z30-B-10C Satellite Z30-B-10W Satellite Z30-B-110 Satellite Z30-B-14W Satellite Z30-B-158 Satellite Z30-C Satellite Z30-C-10H Satellite Z30-C-10J Satellite Z30-C-10K Satellite Z30T-A Satellite Z30t-A002 Satellite Z30T-A-10C Satellite Z30T-A-111 Satellite Z30T-A-127 Z30-B S02M Replacement Batteries.
  • Mfgr Part # PA5136U-1BRS
  • Dimensions: 11.02 in. L x 5.07 in. W x 0.36 H in.
  • Weight: 1.1 lb
  • Warranty: 1 Year

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  • What is the best replacement battery for the Toshiba Portage Z30-A-1EI Portege Z30 Portege Z30 Ultrabook Portege Z30-002 Portege Z30-00N004 Portege Z30-00Q Laptop and Notebook Battery?

    The CS-TOZ300NB is the best replacement battery for the Toshiba Portage Z30-A-1EI Portege Z30 Portege Z30 Ultrabook Portege Z30-002 Portege Z30-00N004 Portege Z30-00Q Laptop and Notebook Battery.

  • What is your return policy and battery warranty?

    Our batteries are backed by easy 30-day returns and a 12-month warranty.

  • How do I find the best replacement Battery?

    Our search tool at the top of the website should give you the best results. Search by brand or part number to see if we have the right match for you.

  • What does Li-ion and Ni-MH mean?

    They represent different types of rechargeable batteries. Li-ion stands for Lithium Ion, lithium ions move from the negative electrode through an electrolyte to the positive electrode during discharge and back when charging. Ni-MH stands for nickel-metal hydride where the negative electrode is made from a hydrogen-absorbing alloy.

  • Do you have a wholesale, reseller and large volume purchase program?

    Yes, our bulk purchasing program saves you money and allow you to obtain the batteries you need in one easy, hassle-free transaction. Apply here.


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