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BatteryClerk Prime FAST 1-2 day shipping to most of Canada

SLA Battery Replacement


SLA Battery Care

  1. Recharge batteries after each use to prevent performance decline.
  2. Avoid complete discharges.
  3. Periodically check terminals for signs of corrosion or other wear which might cause failure.
  4. Always store battery fully charged.
  5. Store battery in cool, dry place (~68°F).
  6. Recycle batteries, do not dispose.

SLA Battery Charging

  • Choose a well-ventilated area.
  • Check your battery’s manufacturer specification for recommended charging voltage.
  • Never charge using a higher or lower voltage than what is recommended. This can quickly degrade battery performance and lifespan.
  • Charge for 14 to 16 hours. Faster charging is not possible.
  • Avoid charging at temperatures above 49°C (120°F).
  • Never charge a frozen battery.

Benefit of AJC® Replacement Batteries

  • High quality, low cost replacement batteries for thousands of devices.
  • Exact OEM replacements guaranteed to fit easily and precisely.
  • Backed by easy 30-day returns and a 12-month warranty.
  • Over 1,000,000 batteries sold globally.

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