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What is a UPS Battery for and Why Should I Care?

No matter where you live, we’ve all experienced them...power outages and surges. Yeah, they’re never convenient and often you have no clue when your power will be restored (unless you’re lucky enough to know someone at the power company). While most are simple inconveniences, for some, they can be pretty downright catastrophic to their home or business operation. 

Do you have computers? Are you working with important data? What about medical devices? Or something else that simply cannot go down in the event of a power outage? If you have any of these, then you probably should care about UPS batteries, or “uninterrupted power sources”. Not convinced you should care about UPS batteries? Ok, I understand, but bear with me for a minute so I can run down a few myths about power to you. Ok? Awesome! 

Utility power is 100% clean and reliable

Well, it’s not quite 100% reliable, more like 99.9%...which seems good enough until you realize that the 0.01% means roughly 9 hours a year of power outage. That’s 9 hours that will most likely happen without warning and probably at the most inopportune time! What about clean? Well, government regulations for power utilities allow for about a 2.5% variance in voltage. Doesn’t seem like much does it? Well, until you realize that it’s plenty to wreak havoc on your IT equipment!

A brief outage is no big deal

Well, to most, no it really isn’t. Until you factor in that as little as a quarter of a second drop in power can render your computer equipment and IT infrastructure useless for hours (days in some cases). Some experts say that the U.S. economy loses over 200 billion dollars a year from the effects of power outages on IT equipment. How much of that is coming out of your wallet? Yeah, I know right?

My operation is too small to worry about power outages 

Seriously, even the smallest operation can lose money and client base from a power outage. Even the mom and pop store that must close during a power outage loses customers. Power outages are an equal opportunity profit killer, not to mention damage to computer and network equipment. Ouch! Lucky for them, BatteryClerk stock replacement APC UPS batteries which is probably the most popular UPS brand. We also carry other major UPS battery replacements.

If you’re still not convinced that you should care about an uninterrupted power source, no worries, here’s a blog post about a few of the more popular battery myths that you may find a little more fun. If you are convinced that you may need a little insurance from power outages, then check out our selection of UPS batteries. Have questions? Wondering what UPS battery solution is right for you? Give the team here at Battery Clerk a shout!

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