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BatteryClerk Prime FAST 1-2 day shipping to most of Canada
Lawn Mower and Lawn Tractor Replacement Batteries

Lawn Mower and Lawn Tractor Replacement Batteries

Lawn care equipment has come a long way since the days when the only options were scythes or animals. In fact, the first recorded patent for a lawn mower was in 1830 and was described as “a superior alternative to the scythe” and was much like the push reel mowers we see today. In 1902 gas powered mowers were invented and really paved the way for increased lawn management throughout the world. In the US in particular, lawns were seen as a symbol and stability and prosperity.

Lawn mower equipment continued to expand to include self-propelled mowers, ride-on mowers, lawn tractors and electric lawn mowers. Electric lawn mowers have proven to be a big hit recently, particularly as lawn areas have shrunk to make way for bigger houses, more varied landscapes and in many places, smaller property sizes. While electric lawn mowers were invented in the 1930’s, they really didn’t catch on until the technology significantly improved in addition to the fact that users have become more environmentally conscious. These days battery-powered mowers can run up to 60 minutes, enough time for a yard around 1500 sq ft. and overall costs (especially operating costs) can be significantly lower.

For those with larger properties, lawn tractors have become an incredibly valuable addition, saving a great deal of time and energy. Tractor mowers run on gas but will use a battery (generally SLA) to start, much like a car while electric mowers use either lithium-ion or rechargeable SLA batteries.

Things to Consider When Finding a Replacement Mower Battery

Volts – this measures the amount of current that is able to flow. Tractor Lawnmowers generally have 12V batteries while battery powered lawn mowers range between 18V and 120V. For these in general, the higher the voltage, the longer it will run.

Amp Hours – this generally is a measure of how long the battery will run.

Size – for a replacement battery a critical requirement will be that it fits in the space provided. There’s nothing worse than buying a replacement and it won’t fit. Generally, when looking on, putting your model number into the search option should yield the exact replacement but it’s worth checking the dimensions listed on the item to double check.

The dimensions will be listed under the Specs tab so make sure to double check those.

Growth in electric mowers and tractor mowers has significantly helped to improve the quality of equipment. As a potential 9-billion-dollar industry, it’s in the manufacturers best interests to fill this need that is being driven by convenience, environment and decreased lawn sizes. Batteries generally last 3-5 years and typically finding a replacement is easy and affordable. Sometimes owners will buy a backup battery and switch them out if their lawn mowing runs longer than usual. BatteryClerk has a large inventory of replacement batteries for lawn mowers and lawn tractors to make it easier for all to find your replacement battery.

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